Here are 4 reasons why ladies should rub onions on their face


Onions are members of the genus Allium. In addition to being a tasty addition to meals, it also has medicinal properties. The flavonoids and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E found in onions are particularly beneficial to health. In addition to their culinary use, onions have long been recognized for their curative and cosmetic benefits for the skin and face. Onions can aid in the maintenance of clear, glowing skin, a desire shared by many young women. Although they may cause tears, onions are an essential element of many women’s beauty routines and may be found in many of our favorite foods. In a good light, here are several reasons why women are obligated to rub it in their faces;

1) It makes your skin look healthier and younger since onions contain cancer-preventing antioxidants. When onions are applied to the face, they can reduce the appearance of pore size while also imparting a healthy sheen.


Second, it can clear your skin of acne, spots, and hyperpigmentation.

A number of women, especially teenagers, suffer from really severe cases of acne. Applying onion juice to the face can help prevent skin infections since it includes L-ascorbic acid and other nutrients. You can improve the onions’ performance by adding turmeric powder and then spreading the mixture over.

Thirdly, to delay the aging process

You can get less irritated and more lively skin by using onion juice on your face. This increases blood flow, which nourishes your skin cells and makes them less vulnerable to outside aggressors. Squeeze fresh onion segments that have been cut into small pieces. Use a cotton swab dipped in the solution to wipe your skin down.

The fourth, for acne treatment

Women’s skin is more prone to inflammation, which is a common problem. To effectively combat acne-causing bacteria on the skin, try massaging your face with some fresh onion juice or creating an onion

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