Here are 4 things ladies love in men but may not tell you


Women are more likely to convey their thoughts and feelings indirectly through body language and facial expressions than through spoken words, thus every conversation between two women needs to be handled with great care. Thus, it stands to reason that there are characteristics of men that women find appealing but might not openly discuss. It’s possible you don’t know about them since your senses aren’t developed enough to pick them up.

In this article, I will discuss four characteristics of males that women find appealing but may not express openly.

The most obvious is a bald pate.

Women find men with shaved heads attractive, despite the common belief among men that this is not the case. Most women find attractive males who are bald because they perceive them to be more macho. If you don’t have any hair on your head, that’s no reason to risk damaging your hairline.

Mustache, number two.

Women also find guys with moustaches more attractive, although most men don’t bother to grow one. Is it a generalization that women find guys with moustaches more attractive? They believe that having one can instantly lift their spirits whenever they need it. This is why ladies adore and respect men who sport one.

The voice is low and resonant.

A man’s deep voice is often the first thing that a woman notices about him. Some women claim that the men who can make them the happiest are those who have a deep voice. To put it another way, if you hear a man’s voice and think, “Hey, I think I’m in love with her,” then you’re probably right. They will try everything to catch your eye and get you interested in talking to them or asking them out.

#4. Self-Assuredness

Another quality that women find appealing in guys but may not share with you is this one. Gentlemen enjoy the company of men who exude self-assurance, command attention wherever they go, and are comfortable delivering public speeches. Lucky for you, developing such qualities as a guy is something that can be learned. Because of this, if you work on boosting your confidence, you will find that women find you more appealing.

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