Here are six actions a woman will take if she likes you


Many women are reluctant to tell a man how they feel for fear of being taken advantage of. When a woman feels an emotional connection to a guy or has feelings for him, she will take some actions and make what we call “green light” gestures. In this article, I want to briefly discuss some of the actions a woman will take if she has feelings for you.


1. If a woman likes you or is attracted to you, she will treat you with dignity in every facet of your life, including the way you think and feel. You can be sure that she is listening to every word you say, even if you are conversing with someone else.

2. You know a lady likes you and is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you if she makes an effort to buy you things you really like shows you her support in other ways. The fact that she values her time with you so highly is another evidence of this.

3. Meeting the man they have a crush on usually prompts women to make more of an effort with their appearance than it does when they are with other people. Using this rhythm, you can catch the eye and interest of the male.

4. When ladies are bored, they often pick up the phone and call their preferred suitor. They don’t have fun at a party or an event without their boyfriend. That’s a lot more accurate.

5. A beautiful lady is always on the search for ways to improve your appearance, from your clothing to your facial characteristics. Women frequently utilize their ability to understand males as a means of displaying their attraction to them.

6. On a psychological level, she needs to be near you in order to feel comfortable enough to have an emotional conversation with you. It’s not unusual for a woman to share her desire for a man who will love her unconditionally while also detailing the emotional traumas she’s suffered at the hands of men. By doing so, she hopes to pique your interest and start a romantic relationship with her.

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