How Long A Man Should Wait Before Making Love To His Wife After Childbirth


Aside some health benefits associated with lovemaking, lovemaking is one of the activities that create and maintain emotional bond between married people. However, sometimes, married couples may not be able to make love to each other due to certain situations surrounding them. Among other things is childbirth.

During childbirth, a lot of activities take place in a woman, which may lead to change in mood and health, which can affect her readiness and urge for lovemaking.

For safety purpose, couples are advised not to make out with each other immediately after childbirth, so as to allow the woman heal from the wound that is associated with childbirth. Having intimacy can lead to some health complications on the part of the woman.



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One of the common questions asked by married couples is, how long they should wait after childbirth before having carnal knowledge of each other. While trying to answer that question from a medical perspective, according to Healthline, there is no definite timeline to observe before resuming lovemaking after childbirth. Nevertheless, it further stated that, generally, most doctors have recommended at least 4 to 6 weeks before resuming lovemaking activity in a situation of normal childbirth (v@ginal delivery).

More so, if the childbirth take place outside normal delivery through epistemology (a surgical cut on the v@ginal of the woman to widen it, so as to aid quick and easy delivery), couples may have to wait longer than 6 weeks.

In either case, couples need the “clearance” and advice of qualified and certified doctors before resuming intimacy activities, to reduce the chance of having uterine infection and postpartum hemorrhage.

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