How Many Bananas Can a Person Eat a Day and Side Effects of Eating it in Excess


Bananas are one of the many forms of fruits that people take on a regular basis. This remains one of the favourite fruits of a lot of people because it has a great taste and it is quite satisfying to take.

As much as bananas are beneficial to the body and have a great taste, they also come with a lot of disadvantages when you abuse your intake of it.

This is why people should be highly informed on the numbers of bananas they can be able to eat in a day and the side effects that comes with abusing your intake of it.

First of all, let’s talk about the number of bananas which a person could take in a day according to healthline

Studies have proven that there are no particular number of banana that could be said to be too much for the body as far as it doesn’t pass the number of calories needed by your body.

When taking banana, you should first think about the number of calories you have taken that day and think of the number of banana that will be good for you.

For a healthy person, It is best for that person to take one to two bananas in a DST to promote good health.

Here are some of the known side effects of taking too much bananas in a day.

1. It could lead to weight gain

It might be quite surprising to you but taking your banana intake way about the number needed by the body could affect your weight. Studies shows that taking a certain amount of banana in a day could cause serious weight gain.

2. Poor blood sugar control

It is also important to know that taking too much bananas could affect your blood sugar levels. Studies show that high intake of bananas could cause poor blood sugar control in the body.

3. Nutrient deficiencies

When you start taking more of banana than other meals. You tend to lose other nutrients needed by the body that could he gotten from other fruits.

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