How to make love: 4 biggest mistakes women make during sèx


There are many ways to explore and express intimacy. Of these, sèxual intimacy and a satisfying lovemaking life are important aspects of a romantic relationship.

4 mistakes women often make when it comes to lovemaking. How did they go wrong? See below for details.

What you like or dislike in bed should always be on display, men love it.

There’s nothing wrong with repeating the same thing, even if you tell him once or twice. Men do admit that they forget at the moment of passion, but if they tell their partner what they like, they fall in love.

1. no starting point

Shyness can be sweet at times, but when it comes to lovemaking, men love it if women take the initiative. There is no rule that only men can take the initiative. Men rarely have mind-reading superpowers, so why not let him know what you’re doing or how you’re feeling? You can leave the show, hug or just say you want to do it, it depends on the camaraderie.

2. too shy in bed

Stay wild and embrace yourself because even men need that side of a woman, especially when it comes to lovemaking. Shy is boring! Touch yourself, touch her, find out, and fight for it.

3. Excessive focus on physical flaws

Older men, they really want to do it, they don’t care what you think of as a physical flaw. They just want the warmth of your skin, and what you perceive as a flaw might be good for them. All you need is confidence and it’s going to go well.

4. Did you do it right?

It is foolish to focus too much on doing the right thing because one is a professional. The more cautious you are, the worse the situation will be, and the more it will kill your emotions. Go with the flow, because your partner likes it.

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