How to Permanently Get Rid of Bedbugs From Your House


Bedbugs are nightmares to every homestead. These parasites are difficult to control and they spread really fast as their reproductive cycle is short. They constitute muisance and if not well managed, they can take over a whole building due to their high ability to multiply and spread.



They’re mostly found in beds, bed frames, furniture and clothing and are active during the night.

Apart from theirĀ irritable bites, they also transmit and spread tryphanosoma Cruz which causes Chagas disease.

However, there are home remedies that can help you get rid of the irritative parasites from your house and home.

The materials are somehow easily accessible and available and the good part of it is that, they’re very effective with no side effect when handled properly.



Materials required.

1 litre of kerosene

An empty container

A sachet of salt


Any type of Detergent


a.) Grind the camphor, add salt detergent inside the container.

b.) Add water, shake very well and then add the kerosene.

c.) Allow to settle for like 2 hours, then spray around the affected area.

d.) Close the sprayed areas for few hours Until the smell dies or fades away.



Well, try it and then thank me later.

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