If A Woman Stops Developing Feelings For You, She Will Start Acting These 9 Way


1. She doesn’t care anymore

When a woman stops loving a man, her caring and curious nature disappears; she stops caring about what is happening in her husband’s life, she doesn’t care, she hardly cares.

2. She no longer finds him attractive

When a woman is in love, her man seems very attractive and charming. However, this cannot be said when she no longer loves him; no matter how handsome he is, she doesn’t find him attractive if she loses interest in him.


Although she may still linger in your relationship, if she doesn’t love you anymore, then her communication with you will disappear. The times when the two of you could talk for hours will disappear and she will not let you know what is going on in her life; you are like a complete stranger to her.

4. She doesn’t care how you feel

If a woman falls out of love with you, that too is self-evident. She will do things cruelly; she no longer cares about your feelings and never bothers to please you.


As I mentioned in tip 3, when she doesn’t love you anymore, her communication with you disappears, but it doesn’t end there. She will not initiate communication or take any action; any kind of communication comes from this man and she will probably never respond. 8. She doesn’t do anything special anymore

When a woman no longer loves a man, she no longer wants to do anything special for him. She didn’t want to be nice to him, she didn’t want to make him feel loved, she just didn’t care.


You know how everyone craves attention in a relationship? Everyone likes attention from their partner, but when a woman stops loving a man, her attention disappears with her love.

7. Physical intimacy dies off.

When a woman loses interest in her man, so does their physical intimacy. She does not want any intimacy from him, she blocks all intimacy from her husband. These are common signs that a woman shows when she is no longer in love with a man.

8. She Ignores Your Calls, Texts And Messages

If your girlfriend is ignoring your calls and messages, it probably means she doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. It could be because she has other priorities or because she has no interest in talking to you at all. Then it shows that your girlfriend is cheating on you

9. She Hasn’t Called Or Texted in a While

If your girlfriend keeps ignoring your texts and calls, it can mean one of two things: she’s really busy and can’t talk to anyone, or she doesn’t want to talk to anyone (which means she’s not happy).

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