Issues You Might Face If You Don’t Engage In Sexual Activities For A Long Time


Eventually, most people go through a boring stage in their romantic life where they avoid intimacy for a long time. If you find yourself going through an abstinence period, you might be interested in learning how it might impact your health.

In light of that, continue reading to discover what could happen if you don’t have intimate relationships according to “Healthline”.

1. Stress and anxiety.

During sexual contact, the body releases endorphins and the hormone oxytocin. These neurochemicals can help with anxiety or stress management. Oxytocin has the additional advantage of promoting sleep. If you don’t often participate in sexual activity, your body might release these hormones less frequently, which could make it more difficult for you to manage stress.

2. Your blood pressure can spike.

After a wonderful night of passionate love, everything in the world can feel better. Even though you have many deadlines and your boss won’t stop micromanaging you, the fact that you are constantly getting recruited makes all of these problems seem extremely manageable.

According to science, that is not a coincidence. Researchers who published their findings in the scholarly journal Biological Psychology found that people who had regular romantic relationships had lower blood pressure than those who did not.

3. Weakened Bladder.

You already know that engaging in intimate action is the best way to work up your kegel muscles, which aid in keeping urine in your bladder. Furthermore, research shows that if you don’t have regular sexual activity, you’ll be going to the restroom far too often unless you’re regularly doing other kegel exercises.

4. Weakened Vaginal Walls.

Increased intimate engagement increases blood flow in a woman’s private organ; conversely, when she doesn’t participate in enough intimacy, the tissues of her vaginal walls weaken and dry up, leading them to become stiff and thin.

5. Reduced intimate desire.

It is believed that a person’s desire or urge for intimacy is impacted by infrequent proximity. If you and your partner aren’t cuddling, you can expect a drop in your desire to be intimate. Celibacy is expected to last for a while throughout the postpartum period.

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