IT’S A BOY!! How to tell when you are about to Give Birth to a Male Child


They say when you’re going to get a baby boy the journey is a bit smoother than when you’re going to get a girl. If you’re hoping for a boy and these signs make sense then maybe you will be lucky enough, as a matter of fact it seems that a pregnancy with a boy is more enjoyable. See if these are the “symptoms” you are experiencing so far.

1. Morning sickness is not over the top

Morning sickness for women who are pregnant with boys is to be better. The assumption is that women who are pregnant with girls usually have higher hormone levels but with boys there’s higher testosterone which could make you more aggressive. But in reality everyone’s morning sickness is quite different.

signs you're going to get a baby boy
2. Better skin condition 

It is said when you’re pregnant with a boy you don’t get as much acne as when you’re pregnant with a girl. Apparently, with a boy your hair grows longer and thicker whereas when you’re carrying a girl your hair can become dull. But in reality hormones are different for everyone so you never really know how it will be.

signs you're going to get a baby boy
3. Cravings are different 

When you’re pregnant with a girl people have claimed that a girl will make you crave sugary foods. While you’re pregnant with a boy you tend to crave salty foods. But in reality there’s no real evidence behing this myth.

signs you're pregnant with a boy
4. Heart rate is under 140 

They say that gender revolves around around your baby’s heart rate. If the beats per minute are under 140, the baby is supposed to be a boy. Higher than 140, it’s a girl.

signs you will get a boy
5. Your carrying will be different 

If you’re carrying low there’s a higher chance that you’re carrying a boy while if you’re carrying high and all around then you’re more likely carrying a girl. But in reality pregnancy has more to do with the shape of your uterus, your unique body type, and your abdominal muscles.

signs you're pregnancy is a boy

Pregnancy is simply a wonder, it really does depend on someone’s body. Some things are very similar based on the fact that we are all women but at the same time some experiences will be unique to you. Nevertheless, some people swear by these myths and they may make sense if you do get a boy.

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