Ladies If That Man Has Not Married You, Don’t Ever Do These 5 Things For Him


When one is in love they would do some crazy things that they will never imagine themselves doing, things that they should not even be doing. Love makes people do things without thinking, they do things without given a care about what people would say.

The ladies are fond of this at times, when they fall in love with a man they would free themselves and do a lot of things without thinking about the future. Ladies lose their self respect and just do everything for the man because, they believe he loves them and would marry them.

A woman should always respect herself she should know that she is a jewel, and should not be carried away by love. When you are still dating a man that is yet to marry you, there are a few things that you should never do for him.

1. Don’t ever pack your load to live with a man you are not yet married to;

A lot of ladies are fond of doing this particular act, they leave their houses and live with a man who has not even paid their bride price or even introduced her to his parents. Sometimes they do this because they want to prove to the man that they love them, or because the man has promised to marry them.

Ladies should learn to respect themselves so that a man can also respect them. Stay on your own, you can visit and go back but don’t live with a man that you are not yet married to because, he can still leave you alone and marry someone else.

2. Don’t ever get pregnant for him

This is one mistake ladies make and end up regretting, they believe that getting pregnant for a man will keep that man and make him marry them. This has caused the world to be filled with a lot of baby mamas and single mothers, all because they believed that pregnancy can keep a man.

A man that wants to be kept will be kept, you don’t need to hold him Ransom by getting pregnant for him he can still abandon you with your baby.

3. Don’t ever have an abortion because of him

It is better you keep your baby and survive than for you to do an abortion because of a man and die, when you die he would get married to another person. A lot of things can happen when you have an abortion, you can lose your life and you can even lose your womb. Do you think the man will marry you when he finds out that you cannot give birth to children for him, he will just dump you and marry someone else.


4. Don’t go to his house and turn yourself into a maid;



Some ladies think that visiting a man and cleaning the whole house, washing all his clothes and all his plate will make the man marry them. Don’t turn yourself into a house help because you want to impress a man, you can do little things but it does not mean you should go there everyday to clean, and cook for his friends.


5. Lastly don’t ever quit your job because he promised to take care of you when he gets married to you. This is another thing that a lot of ladies regret doing because, when they get married the husband will no longer allow them to work and they end up depending on their Husband for everything.

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