Ladies, never do these things when a guy likes you


People say that a lady can smell from a distance if a guy likes her; they call it superpowers. When you perceive that a guy likes you, it is only an assumption until he expressly tells you that he does.

However, if a guy likes you, and you are sure that he does, there are certain things you should not do with this information. Remember, the information does not leave you the same -whether it is for good or bad. There could be the tendency that you’ll start to see the guy in an entirely different light, whether the feelings are mutual or not.

It is a common phenomenon that some ladies start acting up once they know that a guy likes them. Sometimes, they go overboard and ruin things or the chance of anything ever happening between them.

Feelings are normal, and it’s not out of place for a guy to like you as a lady. However, the following are things you should never do as a lady if a guy likes you. 

1. Put your life on hold

As a lady, one of the thoughts that you shouldn’t embrace is the thought of diverting all your attention to him. Then you literally put on hold the things that you used to see as important before you knew that he liked you.

You shouldn’t act as if your whole life revolves around the guy by ignoring family, and friends, and excessively going overboard in your pursuit to love him back or make him see you in a different light.

2. Be manipulative 

If a guy likes you, it is not an opportunity to start manipulating him in order to have your demands or needs met. You know he is already emotionally attached to you, right? But it would be unwise for you to start tweaking things to your advantage. Don’t make irrational decisions and unrealistic demands.

3. Become clingy or appear desperate

This is when you become extremely become clingy and you invade their privacy. This attitude causes you to appear nosey and desperate. Other times, the guy might see you as a desperate lady. Other times, you make it seem like you are a burden, and they made a great mistake by liking you. The moment you know a guy likes you, that is not the moment to be clingy. Don’t be a thorn in the flesh.

4. Announce to the whole world

What do you stand to gain or have to prove by telling everyone that there is a guy that likes you? What happens after? Can you handle all the attention?  There’s nothing you stand to gain by telling people that don’t matter in your life. What’s important is for you to identify if you like him and make progress.

5. Make him feel like you are doing him a favour

Never try to make him feel like you’re doing him a favour by being an attractive person to him. He likes you and that’s not totally out of place.

6. Do not lead him on

Don’t lead him on. Let him know if you do not feel the same way. Do not hurt the guy’s feelings or try to prove a point. Be honest and direct about it if you do not feel the same way. And if you feel the same way about him, there is no reason to mess with him. Be straightforward about it. If there’s no way, don’t give him high hopes. Be honest and intelligent in your dealings with him.

7. Change yourself to fit in

He saw you the way you were before he liked you. Of what use will it be for you to change yourself? Be yourself. Of course, this is not an excuse for bad and saucy behaviour. The point is that you should not try to conform to another imaginary image that you are not, just because you think it’d please him.

8. Avoid the urge to dishonour him

It is not an excuse to disrespect him and make him feel less of himself because he likes you and you misuse the information that you have. No one deserves to be treated with disrespect and less kindness.

Above all, be intelligent and honest in your dealings with a guy that likes you. You do not need to prove a point to anyone.



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