Never Tell A Woman These 2 Things No Matter How Much You Love Her



Here are the things you should never tell a woman no matter how much you like her.

Never tell a woman about the exact money you are earning. No matter how much you love someone it is very important to keep some things private. This is because making them public will cause more harm than when they are kept private. Telling your woman the exact amount of money you are earning will not give you the room to save anything for future use. Why am I saying this? So long as she knows your exact salary, she will help you plan for it even before it arrives.

Never tell a woman every detail about your past. It is important to tell your partner the kind of parents you had, the kind of people you dated and about your past experiences. However, going into detail is not safe. Some women will treat your according to your past experiences. She will take advantage of your past. For example if she finds out that she is better than your ex, she will make you feel as if she is with you out of pity. Tell her but do not dig deep.

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