Never Tell A Woman These 6 Things Even If You Love Her



Did you know that women are very sensitive to simple things, especially if they come from people they love? If you don’t know, choose this lesson. Suppose you find a beautiful girl, she has pretty shapes and all these attractive qualities.

You are in love and you are ready to meet him, he agrees and you are all ready to live a life of love. You will be happy, then you fall in love on the hill, then you feel like you can tell him everything. Let me stop you there, don’t let love blind your eyes, there are things you shouldn’t say to a woman no matter how much you love her.

Never tell her your family secret:

I know you can see your boyfriend or wife as your family, but not them. Unless the two of you are completely connected by blood, she has nothing to do with knowing family secrets. If you reveal a deep secret to her family, the day will come, she will use it against you, and you will be hurt that day.


2. Never tell her how many women you have had in your life.

This is the red zone, it will always suspect you. I know that sometimes it’s best to be open, but being too open has many consequences. You can tell her that you have an ex, but if you’ve been with more than 15 women, keep it to yourself.

3. Don’t tell her the bad things your family says about her

Doing so will hurt her and cause unnecessary resentment and she can start to dislike your family and eventually leave you. Instead, try to fix it. If she makes a mistake, never say anything offensive to her family.

4. Never tell her that another woman’s food tastes better than hers.

This is a restricted area. Even if someone cooks better than your wife or girlfriend, keep the information to yourself. No woman wants to hear that her boyfriend is enjoying another woman’s food, it’s like cheating. Even if you feel comfortable with her, never tell her because you will ruin your relationship.


5. Never tell her that you will take her to college or education.

This will most likely end in tears. Many men who do this end up regretting that if you told her that you were going to teach her at school, she might still not marry you. Leave this job to your father.

6. Never tell her if you are sending money to family or friends.

Send them yourself Many women can get very nervous when they find out that you want to help someone or your family. They will start arguing with you. They can get jealous and even accuse you of neglecting their family, which in turn can stop you from doing anything else.

I hope you learned something.

Many people may disagree with this, but it makes perfect sense. Some families have experienced most of these problems, sometimes it is best to avoid them and be happy.

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