Please before you get married discussed this Four things


Before you get married, discuss parenting styles, religious beliefs, childhood traumas, SEXUAL EXPECTATIONS, political views, career pathways, BILLS AND FINANCIAL BELIEFS.

Parenting style

You must know that your partner wants to have children or he doesn’t need a child, and he will be happy even if there is no child yet, if a man asks you who you asked for and you are pregnant.

Religious beliefs

Let your partner know what you believe in because he will say that he is marrying a Christian and no, he worships the ancestors and your religion is not compatible with the ancestors.

Childhood traumas

Know your partner wether he or she was not grown up in an environment where his or her mother was beaten by he or her father or his Parents.

Career Pathways

Know what he or she like especially about his or her career and if you don’t like it be fair before getting married so that you can not marry someone who chose a career you don’t like

Please have these conversations. Don’t just kiss and cuddle .

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