Reasons Why Ladies Should Not Always Use The Female Condom


A condom, also known as protective is worn during intimacy, to help in preventing certain diseases, and also prevent pregnancy.

Just as we have the male protective, we also have the female protective, which is worn by the woman during love making.

However, there are some disadvantages, or we can say the side effect of always wearing the female protective during intimacy, which is linked to the reasons why ladies should not always use it, as sourced from

1. One of the major reasons why ladies should avoid using the female protective is because it can cause certain itching or rash, and can also cause a burning sensation to the wearer.

2. Another reason why ladies should not always wear the female protective is because it has a higher failure rate than the male protective, and the female protective can also fail to protect if it breaks or slips off from the original position, during love making.

Conclusion: The above are disadvantages of using the female protective, which is linked to reasons why women should not always use it.

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