Reasons why you should boil guava leaves and drink the water regularly in moderation


According to a Healthline article, both the guava fruit itself and the juice made by boiling or squeezing the leaves of the guava tree are rich in organic substances that are good for the human body. Antioxidants, potassium, fiber (which helps the body absorb less sugar), and vitamin C found in guava fruit and juice provide a wide-range of health benefits. This brief post will discuss the eight reasons why you should boil guava leaves, and drink the water regularly in moderation according to Healthline.


1. One thing that diabetics should constantly do is to consistently simmer or boil and eat guava tea leaves since it aids in further reducing blood glucose levels. There needs to be increased use of guava tea leaves. Consuming juice extracted from guava leaves has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and control blood sugar levels.

2. The antioxidants found in guava leaf extract help to reduce the production of potentially damaging free radicals in the blood, which in turn improves the heart’s ability to function normally. As a result, the risk of having cardiovascular problems is lowered.

3. It has been suggested that drinking guava juice during menstruation can help alleviate the pain associated with menstrual cramps.


4. Since guava leaf extract is rich in vitamin C, it can be used to strengthen the body’s immune system and make it more effective in fighting off infections. A solution of guava leaves, which contains high levels of Vitamin C and iron, is useful for treating coughs and colds because it facilitates the elimination of mucus. This method is effective at sterilizing the respiratory system.

5 Guava leaf extract contains antioxidants that may aid in skin repair, protection from further damage, and anti-aging effects.


6. Guava leaf tea is a common home remedy for diarrhea in many parts of the world. The leaves extract may be useful in treating infectious diarrhea, according to animal studies.

7. Multiple studies have demonstrated that guava leaf extracts, especially guava leaf tea, have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some of the compounds in the leaves that could be accountable for these actions are flavonoids (antioxidants), tannins, and acids (gallic and betulinic).


8. The free radicals that lead to skin damage can be quickly neutralized by the antioxidants in guava leaves. The leaves provide protection from the elements and reduce the effects of time on the skin. In addition to improving skin tone and texture when applied topically, it can also be taken orally. These leaves can be used to create a face decoction with skin-tightening qualities.

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