Stop Saying “I love You” Because It Is Outdated, Say This Instead


It is the phrase that is used the most. It’s a nice thing to do, but could you tell me if you really mean it? Tell me if you really believe that, because a lot of people say it just because they always have.

How have you been able to be together for so long? A journalist asked an old couple. She said, “We were born in a time when broken things were fixed. I say, “Don’t just throw it away.” I had to take a breath after hearing what she said. Most people today say that love isn’t love at all, but rather ownership. To be negative, I think that most people in our generation don’t know what the differences are.

So, if you don’t know what to say, don’t say “I love you.” Do you want to know how love is different from ownership? Read on and I’ll explain.

In spite of what most people think, true love is not blind. Everything can be seen by it. Not everyone in a loving relationship feels the same way. It’s a perfect score of 100 out of 100. You have to make a full commitment. It’s not a tightrope act or a game of chance. Your whole being is on the line, including your heart, and that’s it.

Don’t give in to the tricks. “I want you to be happy,” says love. The voice says, “I want you to make me happy.” Since having something is the opposite of loving it, it is also called an addiction. Love is built on respect and commitment from both sides.

As you can see, “mine” is used in “Possession,” while “us” is used in “Love.” Love is the sea, and possession is a cage. Possession wants to be in charge, while love wants to let go. Love tries to be the same thing that having something does. Possession keeps receipts to remind them of all the good things they’ve done.

Love doesn’t keep track of points, but it does remember that we’re all on the same team. Love makes the heart soft, while possession makes it hard. Possession can pull a flower out of the ground, but love can keep it alive. Love is clear and open, while possession tries to hide. Love sees the soul, while possession sees the body.

Love believes in the method. The direction is set by who has possession. Possession wants to win this argument by showing how much better it is. The goal of love is to connect with other people. Love is filled with light, but having something is filled with darkness. Which point of view is right? asks about who owns what. “What’s right,” says love.

Hands that are sweaty and a heart that beats fast are not signs of love. It makes a lot less noise when it goes off. Everyone who comes in contact with possession will die. Everyone who comes into contact with love gets better. A fake document is something you can own. Love is the only thing that is real. Love lasts forever, while things come and go.

But, as we all know, perfection is just a dream. Love needs to eat, too. Sadly, we don’t get a daily dose of forgiveness and understanding instead of just platitudes. So, are you ready to keep going when things get hard? Do you choose love every single day? Are you also willing to fix all the things that need fixing? Do it now, and you’ll always be happy.

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