The Bible Forbids A Man From Making Love To His Wife In These Two Conditions


No matter how significant it was to their culture, there are only two situations in which a married couple is forbidden to engage in sexual activity. No man has the legal right to have sexual relations with his wife in either of these circumstances. The failure to abide by this guideline is the same as disregarding specific instructions. In light of this, I think it’s important that all guys listen to what I have to say. The two possible biblical outcomes are as follows:


When the man and woman in a marriage have decided to fast and pray together

Defraud one another only when it is with permission for a while, so that you may dedicate yourselves to fasting and prayer and then join together again, that Satan tempt you for incontinence,” 1 Corinthians 17:5. If you read this scripture closely, you’ll see that the first time a man is forbidden from touching his wife is when he is fasting and praying. During the designated fasting and praying time, the two of you are not allowed to have any kind of meeting. But when the time for fasting and prayer is finished, they need to get back.

Two: When the wife has her period:

As the Bible states in Leviticus 20:18, “And if a man shall sleep with a woman who is ill, and shall reveal her nakedness, he hath found her fountain, and she hath uncovered the spring of her blood: and both of them shall be cut off from among their people.” From what remains of the verse, it appears that a man should not touch his wife under any circumstances, but especially when she is menstruating. According to the Bible, those who act in such a manner will be cast out of their own society. Therefore, couples should stay away from conflict situations.

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