Things You Should Not tell People About Your Wife


Marriage reveals so much about our partners that we may not have known during the period of courtship. Your partner will begin to act in certain ways that you may not believe he or she could act like that. The reason for this is because people change as situations and circumstances change. As a man, no matter what your wife does, there are some things you should not tell people about her.

1. Don’t tell people your wife does not know how to cook. No matter what happens, people should not know whether your wife knows how to cook or not. It is not anybody’s business whether she can cook or not. Let it be your family matter.

2. Don’t tell people how good or bad your is when it comes to intimacy. This is a secret between you and your wife. It is not necessary to go and be discussing with people how good or bad your wife is when it comes to lovemaking. This is the business between you and her and should not be heard outside your home.

3. Don’t discuss your wife’s health challenge, if she has any, Some things should be strictly for family. It is wrong to go out and be telling people even your friends that you are having one problem or the other. The only reason you may let them know is if you know they will be able to offer a solution to the problem. But, if not, just let it be between you and her.

4. Don’t let anybody know if your wife is a good home keeper or not. Whatever happens in your home, is better left at home. There is no point damaging the image of your wife by telling people about her weaknesses. It is important to understand that building the home takes the effort of the two of you and not a person’s work. It is said that it takes two to tango.

5. Don’t tell people about your wife’s weakness. Your wife should find safety in you. She should be able to tell you everything with the assurance that you will keep it confidential. Secrets like your wife’s weakness should be strictly guarded and protected from the public.

These are ways you show your wife how much you love her and it helps build trust in your relationship. Your marriage life should be kept out of the public. Don’t expose your wife to the world.

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