This is why African single mothers find it hard to get a man for marriage.


I encountered many single mothers. Most of them told me how hard it’s to get a man for marriage. For those who got a suitor to marry them, the parents and other members of the family opposed the relationship fiercely because they have a child out of wedlock.

Honestly, that should not be. Single mothers are not criminals. Fine, they made mistakes just as we all do. They should be forgiven and accepted unconditionally for marriage. They’re wonderful people who will make great wives.

But in Nigeria or Africa, one great, if not the greatest mistake a single lady will ever commit is to have a child out of wedlock. Over 90% of the men in this part of the world won’t forgive that mistake.

Dear single ladies, with the above mentioned in mind, I want you to know that there is what is called “how things should be” and “the realities on ground”. Please as you live your life everyday, avoid certain mistakes. One of them is pregnancy out of wedlock.

Without mincing words, it’s in your own best interest to be sexually pure. Aside the spiritual implications of sexual indiscipline, you’re are at the receiving end and will bear the brunt most should you get pregnant. If you get pregnant outside marriage, you will be the one to be stigmatized the most. If you get pregnant, your life will be suspended to some extent, whereas nothing will happen to the man’s life. Should you get pregnant and not wish to keep the pregnancy but would want to abort it, your health and life could be jeopardized, not his. Should you attempt to abort the pregnancy and die in the process, my sister, the guy will move on. Should you keep the pregnancy and wish to marry, single mothers are still much despised in the African society.

Don’t mind those men who want sex with you, who “claim” to love you. Should you get pregnant, over 90% of them will not be happy with you. Most with will deny responsibility for the pregnancy. Many will tell you how unready they’re to marry and start a family now. Can you now see that you are at the receiving end and will bear the brunt the most? Please wise up.

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