Three Main Reasons Why You Should Make Love to Your Partner In the Morning



Stress and fatigue at work can make you less willing to mate. However, instead of trying to get robust late at night, why not use the early morning hours? Getting up and going to bed with your partner in the morning has many benefits.

It can help you do a better job by putting a more positive spin on the world and boosting your enthusiasm and confidence. But the rest depends on how good or bad the connection is, and according to Healthline, three things happen when you cuddle up with your loved one in the morning and make love.

1. It encourages you to start each day with joy and awe. There is nothing like a long, passionate kiss with a loved one in the morning. The hormone oxytocin keeps you happy and joyful throughout the day. The more you wear it, the more you will think positively and smile throughout the day.

2. It gives you an extra boost of energy. Being intimate with your partner in the morning gives you energy for the day. You will feel energised, confident and ready to tackle the tasks ahead.

3. You and your partner can develop a more intimate relationship. Early morning exercise benefits both you and your partner. In a hectic and stressful day, it is easy to lose sight of your partner’s physical presence as your relationship develops.

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