Use lime And Salt to Get Rid Of Spider And Cockroach In Your Homes. Do Not Get Comfortable With Them


Lime and salt are basic kitchen ingredients but you need to see the wonders they can do when combined together.

Crawlies could be irritating, especially when they go around making cobwebs and giving the whole house some horrible look.

Not ignoring the spiritual implications of these cobwebs, we are also aware of how stressful getting rid of them could be since they only reappear after a short while.

The solution therefore, will only be to get rid of the creators and designers of these cobwebs which are the Spiders.

While most spiders appear harmless, there are tonnes of highly poisonous and harmful spiders that can even find their way into the house if you’re non-challant.

Most spiders, more than you can imagine are venomous, even those found in houses. The only saving grace for human is that our body size allows us to tolerate these venom a lot more without getting harmed. Do not be deceived, spiders bite and sting.

Cockroaches are far more irritating creatures considering their bites, act of destruction, annoying smell and most importantly, the myriad of diseases these creatures spread to humans.

One cannot just get comfortable with these insects. You don’t want your visitors finding cockroach in their food or around them as they eat, neither do you want them getting stuck with cobwebs.

A lot of insecticides claim to be the solution but you realise there’s more harm than good with this method.

Asides the nervous disorder that can result from inhaling insecticides, poisoning of foods especially when you have children at home, danger of explosion as they are highly inflammable, we will also notice that only a fraction of these insecticides are effective. So why the stress.

There is a cheap and effective alternate to use. The ingredients can be easily gotten in your kitchen and they’re safe with no risk of poisoning.

I will share below, how to use lime and salt to get rid of spiders and cockroaches in the house.

Lime peels are very effective for getting rid of spiders. In peeling lime or cutting them as the case may be, there is the trigger and release of volatile substance that are particularly poisonous to spiders and cockroaches.

The volatility helps the saturation of your home in no time. Simply put peels of lime in areas where you know spiders and cockroaches are concentrated.

If they are high up in the ceiling, don’t be bothered. Drop them at the base, it’ll spread across in no time and you’ll see these insects dead in no time.

Salts are amorphous and will easily absorb water such than you won’t even see them in no time. This strategy gets the insect as they pass over or even feed on food highly concentrated with the salt.


This creates an hypertonic environment in their cell and ultimately leads to their death in the fastest possible way you can imagine.


You know how excess salt affects even humans, how much do you think small insects can tolerate before they are dead, take earthworms for example.


Simply combine lime and salt and see how spiders and cockroaches becomes a thing of the past in your homes.


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