What Do Dreams About Having a Baby Mean?


Dreams about having a baby often signify the dreamer is going to create something.┬áIt can also mean something new is about to enter the dreamer’s waking life. Potential interpretations for dreams about pregnancy or having a baby often depend on the dreamer’s situation, sex and stage in life.

Younger women may dream of being pregnant because they are transitioning to a new stage of life in which they identify more with adults than children. Sexually active women can dream of being pregnant around their monthly cycle due to anxiety. Men who dream of being pregnant sometimes do so because they feel their creativity or virility is lacking. Dreams of having a baby can also signify that the dreamer is going to take their life in a new direction or set new goals for themselves.

The need to take care of someone may cause dreams about babies. Dreaming of a crying baby signifies a problem in the dreamer’s waking life. The gender of the baby in the dream can be important. A baby boy can come from masculine feelings regarding an experience, such as assertiveness and dominance. A baby girl can come from feminine feelings towards an experience, such as sensitivity.

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