What Parents Should Never Do In Front Of Their Children


Children are a special gift from God, they are the most important part of our lives and there are some things we should never practice in front of them. Children often think that their parents are the best teachers and they often want to imitate everything their parents do, for example, a child learning to speak will say almost anything they hear the people around them say, believing he is also learning to speak like them.

There are some things that absolutely should not be done in front of your children, learn to control your actions in front of your children, because once they have contracted one or two of your bad habits, it will be very difficult to correct. This article will tell you some behaviors to avoid in front of your children, to sets good example.

Arguing or Fighting With Your Partner



Couples are expected to have disagreements while living together, but fighting or arguing in front of your child is certainly not an ideal example of positive parenting. You must control your aggressive emotions during disagreements and ensure that you resolve your differences behind closed doors. Not only will this clearly and positively affect your relationship, but your child will also learn how to communicate effectively.

Avoiding Intimate or Physical s€x in Front of your Child

When children are exposed to such behaviors at a tender age, it can lead them to develop an aversion to the natural act, and sometimes affect the mental development of children. It can also affect your child’s mind and make him think about s€x.

Avoid Lying In Front Of Your Children

Never tell a lie in front of your kids, children often sense things you don’t have idea they will ever do, their brain catch up with things easily. Once you start lying to other people in front of them, they believe is the right thing to do to avoid punishment and once they do wrong and you ask them about it, they will practically lie about it just because they have seen your escape things through that process. Telling lie in front of your children is something you should never do, instead teach your child to be honest and just.

Don’t Speak Bad of Others In Front of Your Children 

It is very wrong to speak bad of others in front of your children . In case you have to discuss something negative about someone else, make sure your children are not around, they may pick up the bad habit and start practicing it while you are away. When a child learn to speak bad about others, it can be difficult to correct, which can become a part of their lives.

Mocking Your Child in Front of Others

Mocking your child or making fun of his innocent reactions might seem funny and nothing serious right now, but it can have some serious negative impact on the child during his formative years. Not only does this create a traumatic memory for the child, but it also dramatically lowers their self-esteem and confidence.

Comparing Them With Other Kids



You might think that comparing your child to other children will help them improve. However, such an approach can harm their personality. Your child will grow up with negative thoughts and fears about certain things in life, or may be a lack of confidence.

Avoid Speaking Foul Languages 

When you are in front of your children endeavor to never speak out of tone, like shouting, speaking foul languages and saying curse words. Children often pick their parent words especially children who are learning to speak. In case where you need to shout or fight, try as much as possible to hold it in until the kids are not around. Speaking foul languages in front of kids is automatically wrong, as the children might go out and start saying things like that in the midst of their friends. Be very positive while you are in front of your kids.

Don’t Nag About Things In Front Of Your Children

Nagging in front of kids is very bad, once children notice their parents are always complaining about things, they will also see reason why they also need to complain about things too. Try not to complain in front of your children as much as possible.

Smoking or Drinking Alcohol 



Parents should stop smoking and drinking in front of their children, because it’s likely a child tries it at a younger age. When you smoke, not only it is harmful to your health but your kids are prone to it in the form of passive smoking. There can be various health problems with them such as respiratory problems, asthma, ear infections etc.


One thing you should do is not gossip in front of your children because they are smart, alert and good listener. Therefore, if you gossip about your friends , teachers, neighbors with others, your child will listen, hear and grasp it. Not only are they aware that gossip is the right thing to do, but they also understand that you can talk bad of other behind their back. This means they may find it fair to share people’s private information with their friends. In addition, they may end up misinterpreting what you say, which can lead to awkward situations.

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