What Women Want In A Relationship | 6 Things You Should Know


Women are sensitive beings that need constant attention and affection in their day to day interaction most especially in their love life (relationship)

In today’s article I’ll discuss what most women want or expect in a relationship:

1. Man That attracts her with looks, manners, and attitude:

Women want their men to be attractive, not just physically but also in their behavior and thoughts. Be chivalrous, have a sense of humor, groom yourself, and have a pleasant temperament. Above all, be honest in your relationship with her.

2. Man with a kind heart:

Women prefer a partner who is considerate, thoughtful and kind to others. They desire for a man who could console her during tough situations, is loving and attentive to people.


3. Man That gives her respect:

You surely expect her to respect you. Show her the way by respecting her. Mutual respect forms the foundation of your relationship. Do not take your wife for granted. Tell her how much you value her contribution.

4.Matured Partner:

Women love to stay in a relationship with a man who is responsible and mature. Maturity is often linked to stability, and that’s what women fall for. Wives like their husbands to be mature so that they can handle situations in an organized manner.

5. Listen to her:

Pay attention to what she says. Turn to her when she is talking and look at her. It gives her the confidence that you are listening to her. If you are busy on your laptop or mobile phone, it will frustrate her, ruining the atmosphere at home. Allocate at least an hour every day for her, while having breakfast or dinner. Talk about the day’s work, and ask about her day.



6. Make her feel safe:

Safety. That is one thing that matters a lot to a woman. She likes to be with a man who is there to safeguard her. When she goes out with her man, he should have the courage to protect her

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