What You Should Never Do During Sex


When you are having romantic encounter with your partner, it’s imperative for you to avoid things that can disconnect both of you at this crucial moment.

According to women’sheath and men’shealth, the following are things you should never do during sèx;

1. Mix Oil-Based Lubes with Latex Condoms

When it comes to the vàgiânal region in particular, Millheiser warns that improper lubrication might result in tears so severe they require medical attention at an emergency hospital. Nevertheless, not all lubes are made the same. “Oil-based lubes, particularly natural lubricants like olive or coconut oil, break down the latex, rendering the condom ineffective if used with a latex condom.” Water or silicone-based lubricants are

2. Not kissing

Many people, especially women, don’t truly kiss their sexual partners during makeout sessions. Why? Some reasons include not wanting to interrupt the scene’s flow or wanting to get to the climax as soon as possible. Despite this, you should make an effort to kiss your partner during the act. It will be to your advantage in the long run to do so.

2. Biting your partner before they are ready

Although many people enjoy the company of an aggressive partner, biting any part of their body before they are aroused may cause them pain and suffering (and may even reduce the probability of any subsequent action), or it may simply frighten them away. To that end, it’s best to wait until your partner is well aroused before biting them on the ear, shoulders, neck, or anywhere else.

3. Thrusting Or Going Harder Than You Can Handle

Experts advise that you should not overdo it because it can result in tears in your váginâ” if you’re too vigorous, explains Millheiser. A mistaken thrust could lead to an unintentional fracture of the pènis, therefore Snyder warns men to avoid “vigorous thrusting at strange or stressful angles.” Try out a new position slowly and methodically instead.

4. Focusing solely on sèxualized body parts and ignoring the rest

We all know that the knees, wrists, backs, and bellies of both sexes are prime erogenous zones. Without a doubt, genitalia is amazing, but you should also take some time to appreciate your lover’s other attractive qualities. A great asset is genitalia. If you touch your spouse in these ways, you can increase the chances that they will do what you want.

5. Resting your weight on your partner

Regardless of how girly you are! It’s healthy to let yourself completely lose your mind over your partner every once in a while. But, when resting on top of them, you must be careful not to put your full weight on them. If you smother them or otherwise prevent them from breathing, you will ruin the moment and eliminate any chance of anything good happening.

6. Not using protection

Ob-gyn and clinical assistant professor at Stanford University School of Medicine Leah Millheiser, MD, warns that just asking your partner if they’ve been tested isn’t enough to keep you safe. She warns that “you are putting yourself at risk” if you engage in sëxual activity without using a condom.

7. Remaining silent

Do you appreciate it when your partner is happy and fulfilled? Therefore be respectful to them as you would like to be treated, and don’t be timid about showing your excitement when something wonderful occurs. You can encourage and educate them about your moan zones by just groaning or stating anything to the effect of “that feels so amazing.”

8. Quick or delayed climax

Simply said, this one is geared towards satisfying male tastes. The ability to control your muscles is crucial for timing your ejaculate perfectly. Partner dissatisfaction could result from the timing that’s too soon, while timing that’s too late could have them thinking you’d rather have them hit the gym. To avoid this, more time should be spent on foreplay (this will help men as well as women). You can try inducing your spouse into an orgasmic state if you’re having problems ejaculating on your own or if you just want some extra physical stimulation.

9. Comparing your ex with your partner

There is no worse sëxual turnoff than bringing up a former partner in conversation. It’s much more awkward if the ex-partner is someone else. Bringing up the séxual history between you and an ex won’t change the fact that you two are no longer together.

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