Who Gets Hurt More After Breakup? Check it Here And The Reasons Why


Heartbreak and relationship dissolution are everyday occurrences in the twenty-first century. Women are portrayed as being particularly vulnerable after a breakup or a heartbreak.

Despite what you may have heard, most men feel even more pain than women do after a breakup, as you’re about to read in this article. The only difference is that, in contrast to women, men have an easier time picking up and moving on. Look at these reasons why men suffer more than women do after a breakup and tell us what you think.

When it comes to matters of the heart, men are more empathetic than women.

It’s common knowledge that women are naturally more sentimental than men. Men are typically more sentimental than women when it comes to matters of the heart. Even though on average, women are the more emotional gender, men end up being the more emotional ones when they’re in love. When a man is truly smitten, he becomes intensely devoted to his lady love.

Men don’t like talking about their problems, so they bear them alone.

Although this varies from man to man, it’s safe to say that most men aren’t particularly generous. When women talk about their experiences, it helps them heal faster and helps them move on. Why men have a harder time getting over a breakup than women is because they don’t share as openly.

They are great at keeping their true feelings and emotions under wraps.

Even if he seems fine on the outside, a man may be hiding deep wounds from the past. This makes it more difficult for outsiders to assist It’s easy to assume a man is fine when he’s not, especially if he is good at hiding his emotions. It’s because of this that a breakup hurts them so much more. Women can get help more quickly than men when they are suffering because they are better at showing their emotions.

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