Why Men Don’t Like Answering These 6 Questions From Women


1. Do you think my friend is beautiful?


This question is absolutely insensitive, most men have been trapped just by this simple question not knowing it was just used to test them. If your woman’s friend is beautiful, it will be suicidal to genuinely answer this question. For a man, the wisest way to answer this question is by avoiding it. The truth of the matter is that no man wants to hear his woman to ask him this question.

2. Do you love me?

Unlike men, women love constant affirmation especially when it comes to matters of love. They will always want you to affirm them. From a woman’s perspective, love is not just expressed in actions but in words as well and that is why they will ask you whether you love them even after you’ve done everything to show them love.


Because men are not desperate for things like affirmation, the question may irritate many of them. Men should be understanding however and know words of affirmation is a love language that is most common in women.

3.Am I fat?



If a man genuinely loves a woman, this becomes a very difficult question to answer especially when the answer is what the woman doesn’t want to hear. How can you honestly tell your woman that she’s fat, you’ll definitely find yourself in trouble if you don’t become wise in the manner in which you answer this question and that is why no man will want to be asked this question.

4. Why did you breakup with your ex?



Most if not all men, don’t like talking about their exes and a relationship that never worked. Ones a man has moved on, talking about his ex can be very irritating.

5. Who is that woman you are talking to on phone?



Men will see you as a nagger if you always want to watch every move they make and every woman they talk to. From a man’s perspective, it’ll mean you’re totally insecure and the man will be uncomfortable with you. Unless you are sure your man is cheating on you, this is one question you shouldn’t ask him.

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