Why you should have sex in the morning and not at night.


1. It makes your skin look younger:

Surprising? well this is a very true fact. When we have early morning sex this releases a lot of anti-inflammatory molecules such as oxytocin and beta-endorphins which makes our bodies appear a bit younger. Sex also allows us to sweat toxins from our pores. A study by Dr.weeks also found that older men and women with an active sex life appeared 5 to 7 years younger.

 2. Replacement for exercise:

I know this will come as great news to people who love sex but don’t like working out. Studies have shown that morning sex can burn about five calories per minute. This means that if you have sex for 30 minutes every morning you could burn more than 1000 calories per week.

3. It boosts the immune system.

studies show that having sex in the morning helps activate the body’s defense system which helps fight bacteria and viruses. Researchers also found out that sex helps keep the body safe from colds and flu as well.

Do you believe it now? It’s probably going to be a big yes from you. Stick to a routine of early-morning sex rather than late-night sex and it’s going to work wonders for your body and health.

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