Women Will Chase You If You Do These 4 Things


Most men don’t realize that women actively seek men out on dates. However, they aren’t interested in any old man; they specifically target powerful males.

If you put certain measures in place, women will begin to approach you and ask you out on dates. Here are four strategies for drawing her attention and getting her to chase you.

This is a tough one for some men to grasp, but number one, stop chasing. If you want her to pursue you, you need to quit pursuing her. If you make it seem like too much effort to attract a woman, she won’t come running.

2. Be a provocateur; when interacting with the woman, act in a way that demonstrates your superiority. Typical guys don’t get any attention from women.

Third, always be the one to conclude talks with her first, whether you’re talking to her in person or online.

4. Pose appropriate inquiries; avoid leading inquiries like “do you like me?” How about me? If you want to get to know a girl, ask her what sets her apart from the rest of the girls. If that doesn’t work, ask her to list three things about herself that set her apart.

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