You Can Become Blind If You Don’t Stop These Five Habits. Number 3 Will Shock You


Habits are methods of behavior that we have become used to over a period of time and while we have become used to these habits, some are actually very injurious to the quality of our life overtime.

In this article, I will be showing you just how these Five habits can make you go blind without warning.


Smoking: This habit has many heath implications and top on the long list is blindness. When smoking tobacco, it releases chemicals in the air which comes in contact with the eyes and cause serious harm to it.



Sunlight: over exposure to sunlight has been known to cause much damage to the skin such as sunburn, skin inflammation among others. Meanwhile, starring directly into the sun or not protecting your eyes from the intense heat of the sun can affect your vision, cause squinting or even blindness in extreme cases. Continuous exposure to sun rays can weaken the lenses of your eyes and make you prone to blindness.



Menopause: I bet you didn’t see this point coming, especially because Menopause is not a habit but a biological phase in the life of women, I didn’t either but it’s been discovered to be a major cause of blindness in middle age women. Research conducted by Scientists and medical doctors have revealed that early menopause can cause blindness. By early menopause, we mean women who reach menopause between the ages of 40-45. For these women, menopause started early for them and one of the far reaching consequences for them is their susceptibility to blindness.

Wearing the wrong eye glasses: Some persons are in love with the fashionable look of wearing eye glasses, but fail to get proper knowledge about it.

They just see any beautiful looking eyewear, buy and use on their eyes. It’s ok to be fashionable but such glasses are not meant to be worn continuously.



If you feel you need to have a regular eyewear, it is advisable you check in with an Optometrist who will examine you and give the recommendations that you need. Failure to do this and over exposure to various lenses which could even be infected can cause blindness on the long run.


Contact Lenses: This one of the most fashionable and trendy practices among ladies. Wearing contact lenses come with a long list of rules and regulations but many would rather just do it than take out time to know about its terms and conditions. It is however advisable that you understand the rues surrounding wearing of contacts so you don’t try to blow fire with your mouth and end up paying for it with your sight.

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