Your Girlfriend Might Be Dating Multiple Guys When You Notice These Signs


You and your lover are neither exclusive nor casual. You? If she keeps seeing other people, her relationships may become complicated and difficult to manage. Use these indicators of infidelity to determine if she’s cheating on you with her boyfriend.

Her plans backfire.

Cheating women usually have plans, but they fail. They often leave without telling their husbands. This is one sign of a girlfriend with several boyfriends.

She escaped.

If you miss your girlfriend for a time without her touching you, it may be a sign she’s cheating on you with another guy.

She never answers your phone calls.

It should raise a red signal if you are unable to contact her at any time. Texting instead of calling requires significantly less work and is much less of a commitment than talking on the phone. The situation is exactly the same if you phone her up and she merely responds to your inquiry with a text.

No Family

Most committed girlfriends will let you meet their parents occasionally. If a woman won’t let you meet her family, she doesn’t love you. Most women introduce potential husbands to family.

You spend less time together.

Most cheating girlfriends are too busy to meet with you. Nobody is busy for the other in a relationship, unless you’re not one of their greatest friends.

You haven’t met her friends.

If she hasn’t invited you out to any group hangout or to meet her loved ones, it’s possible that she’s trying to keep you at a safe distance from her family and friends. This is especially the case if she has already interacted with some of your close friends or other people in your inner circle.

She doesn’t post about you on social media.

She might be hiding you online to get more dates. Not everyone posts a lot on social media, which is totally fine.

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